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Rio Tinto Alcan

The Rio Tinto Aluminium Canada Fund is committed to providing support for community-building initiatives which integrate environmental, economic and social considerations, and which meet the needs of the present while safeguarding our legacy for future generations.  We are looking for projects that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, new learning, and inclusion.  We want to fund ideas that have the potential for measurable progress toward local sustainability.

Our priorities are projects whose primary purpose is to:

• Advance sustainable development through education, awareness, training, research and practice as a catalyst for change

• Encourage environmental stewardship, and reduce waste and pollution through recycling and other conservation strategies

• Promote the health and safety of the community through the development of innovative programs or services that benefit its population

• Contribute to the quality of life of our host communities in the areas of arts and culture, education, health, sports (except professional sports organizations), environment, and social capacity.

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